What is an Asbestos Register? 

The intent of an asbestos audit is to inspect the building/property to determine the type, location and condition of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and to compile these findings in an asbestos register. This is done by surveying materials used in the construction of the building and plant, including checking for what is held on the property as debris, redundant stock and equipment, including items such as Brake pads in lift motors, metal lathes etc.

Recommendations are made on the basis of the inspection findings to ensure the health and safety risks associated with asbestos are minimised. Recommendations including your legal requirements are recorded within the Asbestos Register with a convenient location (mud map) drawing in association with the location schedule.

Our report

Our reports are broken up into different segments to help easily identify areas of Asbestos Containing Material, and to illuminate any confusion that other reports often introduce.

The survey 

The Survey Report documents all areas inspected – Room x Room and all materials tested - Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) or No Asbestos Detected (NAD).

All areas and suspect materials are recorded and identified by up to 3 photos in this survey report.

The Asbestos Survey report is a part of GAA's rigorous quality assurance program, clearly identifying every area inspected and provides precise and easy to read reporting to our clients. This report also reassures longevity for the report as it provides validity to the survey if ever scrutinised. See Example. 

The Asbestos Register

Asbestos Register: - The inspection information will be transferred from the Survey Report to make the Asbestos Register, including the type of (ACM); Condition; Friability; Activity; Sealed; Likelihood of Damage; Exposure Risk and Labeling.

The Risk Control measures and Risk Assessment (AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009) will be recorded along with:

• Recommendations,

• Legislative Requirements,

• Colour coded priority warnings and Action Plan summary.

The report will include up to 5 photos identifying the area, location and any damage or high-risk situations. These will also be identified in the Executive Summary and the colour coded quick guide assessment summary. Note: the photos are included within the body of the report not merely attached; the pages are colour coded to give quick reference to priorities. See Example.

Management plan

Under the relevant Occupational Health & Safety Act including the new WHS Regulation 2011; workplaces are required to have an Asbestos Management Plan in place, not just an Asbestos Audit/Register.

Our  Management Plan is site specific to the conditions surveyed in the register and include some of the below documents. 

The Action plan 

The Action Plan is one of the most important documents you will apply in the management of asbestos. It is the legal responsibility of a PCBU to record how they are going to manage the asbestos at the site. The best way to do this is with our site-specific Management Plan which includes your Action Plan.

The Action Plan is constructed based of the Risk Assessment and Control Measures developed in the Asbestos Register. A colour coded priority rating is assigned to each extent of asbestos. The immediate priorities (red) will be actioned first with the appropriate recommendation and then recorded in the Action Plan. The Action Plan will then automatically update the Asbestos Register.

The Action Plan is also the document were Clearance Certificates are to be recorded for any removal works.


Sampling is necessary for determining the presence of asbestos in certain materials. A small sample is sent to a NATA accredited laboratory and tested of the presence of asbestos, organic and synthetic fibres. Specific fibre types identified for each sample will be added into your report. 


Global Asbestos Audit provides the complete “Asbestos Solution” as required by the above mentioned code and regulation;

  • The Asbestos Audit.

  • The Asbestos Register

  • Your Asbestos Management Policy & Facility Management Schedule

  • Your Staff/Tenant Handbook

  • The Staff/Tenant Induction Sheet

  • The Asbestos Controllers Guide

  • Work request & work completion Forms

  • Draft Company Statement

  • Draft Work Method Statement

  • Action Plan