Asbestos removal

Let GAA take care of your asbesotos removal project. A safe and effective asbestos removal project is primarily depicted upon the Procedures and control measures put in place.


Establish a risk assessment

Technical removal specifications/ Control measures

The removal company

There is only a hand full of asbestos removal complains in asbestos removal companies we’d let into our house. We see the aftermath of a careless removalist that like to cut corners time and time again, leading to potential exposure and further costs. Our strict control procedures can only be met by the best filly licences removalist. 

The Removal

One of our licensed asbestos assessors will be on site to ensure all the required safety protocols are put in place, and to manage the project throughout. They will ensure that the enclosure is air tight and the appropriate air monitoring is carried out when required.

Clearance inspection

At the completion of the removal project a clearance certificate allowing for reoccupation is issued after the site has passed the clearance inspection and any required testing.