Clearance Certificates

It is a requirement that a clearance certificate is issued at the completion of asbestos removal works before the removal area is reoccupied. The clearance certificate is then attached to your asbestos register, and these areas covered by the certificate are then transferred to your survey as not containing asbestos-containing material (ACM).

Whats involved?

One of our licensed asbestos assessors will consult with the asbestos removal company, and review the asbestos removal control plan. Depending upon the job's specifications, the assessor will conduct air monitoring, testing and other hygienist work before, during and after the removal, which will coincide with the final clearance inspection before the removal area is deemed safe for reoccupation.

Who can issue a clearance certificate?

  • Class B and no air monitoring required - can only be issued by a competent person not involved with any removal works.

  • Class B and air monitoring required - a licensed asbestos assessor.

  • Class A - a licensed asbestos assessor.

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